Rolly Munro is a world-renowned turner/sculptor from New Zealand who began his career in the 1970s. Rolly is famous for his wood sculptors, most of which are inspired by various sea creatures. In his own words, Rolly says he has worked majorly in wood and metal. He is mostly focused on working with wood which is turned and carved, then inlaid with metal or embellished with detailed textures or other materials. Often, the surfaces of Rolly’s work feature patinas or some other colored treatments.

Most of Rolly’s work has been large scale, like residential gates but he has also created small delicate sculptors which mirror the New Zealand sea life. Rolly frequently holds workshops at his home where he demonstrates how he works and he also teaches in clubs and other seminars held around the world.

He also designed his own unique line of hollowing tools and they have received many raving reviews from both professional and amateur turners across the globe. One user said, “Rolly’s tools offer excellent support and they are perfect when you need to make very fine cuts.”

Rolly has been described as an extraordinary wood artist. His work starts with a meticulous drawing followed by a hands-on working inspired by a clear vision. Rolly says his uncle who was a sculptor and an art teacher influenced him to study art. In his early years as a fine arts student, he was inspired by artists Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Jacob Epstein. He says he was also influenced by indigenous Oceanic Maori art forms.

Another important influence on Munro’s work is his home, which is located near Wellington on the North Island. It is surrounded by beaches, hills and has wonderful views of the mountains and native trees. His environment echoes magnificent beauty and it can be seen in most of his work.


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